8x10 Brown and Beige Persian Rug

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Persian Rugs

Iranian antique Persian rugs, the queens of the area rugs with their unique characteristics and history which dates back 2,500 years.

Persian rugs are identified as traditional rugs, hence in the beginning, they are also woven for the need for protection from the harsh weather conditions. We wonder if nomads knew that these pieces that weave would decorate very settled, and huge homes years later. The answer is no. However, they probably enjoyed making a requisite while including their feelings and sense of art. Yet, you are looking forward to buying something you need that somebody else made with their artistic feelings from completely another timeline. It is not like a high-end factory-built refrigerator.

The Persian Empire ruled over a very large area and developed many different trade relations. Like all other dynasties, in Persia, commercial districts, port cities, and middle inland areas, east and west had different characteristics and cultures. Therefore, Persian rugs are the umbrella term for several handmade rugs with different styles including Heriz, Serapi,Malayer, Farahan, Tabriz, Sarouk, Mahal, and Hamadan rugs. On the other hand, they still may share similarities with Turkish rugs because of the trade relations, in history.

Persian and Turkish vintage rugs are both classified as oriental rugs, but the main difference between them is the technique and design. Although it does not cover each rug, to make it simple, you can conceptualize Turkish rugs are closer to the tribal style in general, in Persian rugs, we can observe the traditional rounded motifs and patterns more. However, the rugs of the above-mentioned regions indeed differ in style. It would be unfair to categorize each carpet regarding the design. The techniques of Persian and Turkish rugs are purely different, Turkish rugs are double knotted while the Persian rugs use the Senneh knot. The Turkish knot makes the rug more durable whereas the Persian knot allows for more detailed patterns.

The latest interior design trends show that distressed Persian vintage rugs attract all the attention in your living room, changing the whole aura of your space!

Name: Vintage Handmade 7x10 Brown and Beige Anatolian Traditional Rug

Size: 7'7'' X 10'0''

Design: Traditional Floral Designs

Color: Brown and Beige

Age: Aprox. 25 years old

Material: 100% Wool and Cotton

Origin: Kashan

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