Contemporary Rugs

Contemporary Rugs

Contemporary or Modern area rugs emerged to meet the interior design needs of the modern era. 

On the other hand, not every contemporary rug is actually made in the modern era! As there are many periods in art history, rug-making also has its share of different stylistic features. 

 The Patterns

The usage of motifs in contemporary rugs is rare, instead, more abstract, and free-formed patterns, geometric shapes on plain colors are common. If a motif is used in a contemporary rug, usually, only itself makes up the whole design. It is quite rare to see the complexity of different motifs and patterns in the same rug when it comes to contemporary design. On the other hand, the very idea that only oriental and traditional rugs are woven is completely wrong. Contemporary designs could also be originated in the Eastern part of the world and they could be handmade.

 The Use of Color

Although the rich contrasts and bold colors may be in demand, in recent years, plain rugs without patterns and dull palettes are also in trend. Gray rugs, beige and off-white rugs with low-contrast complementary colors are preferable to the people who do not want to encolour the room with their rug choice. 

 Matched Interior Design Trends 

Even though there is a growing trend in the interior design world that the contemporary space designs embrace the traditional rugs, you may also enjoy your unique modern piece at your home. 

Anatolian distressed rugs, overdyed Persian rugs, Moroccan flatweaves and kilims, Shaggy rugs, Nordic and Scandinavian patterned styles, and patchwork rugs could be categorized under the contemporary handmade rugs.

Contemporary rugs could be included in Modern, Eclectic and Minimalist interior designs. Even the Bohemian interior design could be a match with contemporary handmade rugs in an earthy palette. 

Our contemporary collection in Home and Rugs are growing in number day by day. If you would like to go for a modern design with a contemporary rug, you are in the exact spot.

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