Mehmet and Deniz are the oldest and the youngest siblings of the Adam family, also surprisingly turned out to be the ones who continue the family business, the beautiful, artful handmade rugs.

The Adam family’s relationship with the rugs started long ago, as Konya is one of the biggest rug-manufacturing cities back in Ottoman history. Mehmet and Deniz, today, carry on their grand-grand father’s legacy, who was one of the most popular rug weavers in the region, Mustafa Usta.*

After Mehmet studied Art History, he decided to continue his studies in the United States and now completed his MA and PhD in the field of international trade. Deniz, on the other hand, was overwhelmed by her bonds and culture during her MA studies in linguistics and decided to help her brother out with the family business. She claimed her responsibility for the organization to show off how a woman entrepreneur performs.

Since 2018, the rug duo continues to grow their inventory and Home and Rugs team. In 2021, they took their first steps to personalize their digital self, and created homeandrugs.com, while continuing their Etsy adventure. “For any rug you purchased, from anywhere you want, probably an Anatolian woman gave her months, maybe years to make that art to lay on your floor splendidly,” Deniz says. “I am not going to cross the Anatolian women’s path, they need their empowerment now.”

The duo is determined to change the stereotype of orientalism, once Edward Said professionally described, and spread this culture to the world with a transparent trade.
Mehmet and Deniz still keep the first work of art of Mustafa Usta, made in the 1920s, after the Independence war of Turkey. In their own words, “It reflects the young man’s effort and dreams during the foundation of the Turkish Republic, very special, the most special one we have that is priceless, cannot be sold or bought.”

Please email directly to them at shop@homeandrugs.com if you have any questions in mind.

*Usta, translated as master, maestro in English.