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7x10 Navy and Ivory Turkish Silk Rug
6x8 Ivory and Beige Turkish Silk Rug
3x5 Red and Ivory Turkish Silk Rug
5x8 Red and Navy Turkish Silk Rug

Vintage Rugs

Vintage Rugs are the time-travellers in the rug universe. They may come from the past but fit in today’s world very well.

How to tell if a rug is vintage or not is not usually the easiest decision-making process. Today, the term “vintage” gradually left its “antique” meaning to the vintage-design reference. To identify if a vintage rug is really vintage, before paying massive amounts, check the credibility of the sellers. Either buy from the source or look for transparency in trade. You can also ask about the origin of the rug and search online. 

The vintage-design reference we have just mentioned does not mean the rug is fake or machine-made. Today, the vintage-designed rugs are still hand-knotted, but they are just not time-travellers. 


The Motifs

Vintage rugs do not denote any specific origin, whether it is from Iran or Turkey. For this reason, it is possible to see tribal designs, floral motifs, or any patterns of tribal, traditional, Oushak and Persian rugs. Nowadays, the distressed look on vintage rugs is popular. This look may either be authentic because of the old age of the rug or added later by chemical treatment. Before buying a distressed vintage rug, ask about its age. 


Vintage rugs, interestingly, could nearly be a match for the most popular interior design styles. If the color and size fit, vintage pieces will complete the design of your living room, dining room and kitchen. The interior designers that we work with are persistent about distressed vintage rugs as kitchen rugs, even in the most modern interior designs. We rely on their experience. If you like to try, review the vintage rugs that we are proud to display. 


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