Vintage Handmade 3x11 Multicolor Anatolian Turkish Traditional Distressed Area Runner

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Name: Vintage Handmade 3x11 Multicolor Anatolian Turkish Traditional Distressed Area Runner

Size: 2′5″ x 10′6″

Age: Aprox 45 Years Old

Material: Wool on Cotton

Design: Tribal, Geometric

Color: Multicolor

Origin: Kilim


Traditional Rugs

Traditional rugs emerge with the most conventional design in the art of handmade rugs. Rug weaving, as a form of art, comes in various styles, designs, shapes, and color palettes. Considering how old rug-making is, which dates back around the 11 th century, traditional rugs embrace the natural colors and motifs from the wilderness.

The Motifs

Traditional designs on rugs are mostly native to the Mesopotamian and Anatolian territories. The society living in these regions, which are now Iran and Turkey, have transferred their daily rush, history, culture and folklore to the traditional rug designs including motifs. In a traditional rug design, you are most likely to see animal motifs including a snake, scorpion, bird, or dragon. The other common motifs used in traditional rugs are arrow, evil eye bead, cross, burdock, hook, chest, and earring apart from the floral patterns, which are mainly
wheat, pomegranate, tulip and rose symbolizing abundance and fertility.

The Use of Color

Persian and Turkish traditional rug patterns are usually harmonized with the rich color palette of the Anatolian and Mesopotamian regions. Often it is possible to see red tones on a traditional rug, on the other hand, blue tones from the Mediterranean area, rich green tones from the fertile soil of the region, yellowish, beige tones like ivory from the arid, dry lands of
the central Anatolia are also common in traditional rug palette.

Matched Interior Design Trends

For the past few years, even though their nomadic background, traditional area rugs are successfully integrated into the modern interior design trends such as Coastal, Bohemian, Shabby Chic, Rustic, and even Industrial interior designs. In whichever style you include traditional rugs, they will give the essence of a timeless design.

As Home and Rugs, we collected our traditional area rugs among the well-recognized regions for handmade rugs. If you are looking for a rug that would complete the spirit and design of your space, the genuine handmade area rugs are listed below to attract your attention!

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