5x7 Vintage Anatolian Dowry Karabag Rug

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Name: Anatolian Karabag Vintage Kilim Rug

Size: 4′6″ x 7′4″

Design: Tribal, Geometric

Color: Red and Blue

Age: Aprox 40 Years Old

Material: 100% Wool


Karabag was famous for its pileless carpets, starting with traditional Turkic Kilim it slowly evolved into different more elaborate types of ornaments such as shadda, zili, verni and palas products. High artistic taste is typical also for Karabakh jejims from the Lambaran village (near present-day Agdam). Jejims were a popular decoration material for house interiors and were used in Karabakh for producing pillows and pillowcases, tablecloths, curtains, coverlets. Besides usual carpets, carpet bags and coverlets of different types were widely spread.

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