Vintage Handmade 14x20 Blue and Ivory Anatolian Turkish Oushak Distressed Area Rug

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Name: Vintage Handmade 14x20 Blue and Ivory Anatolian Turkish Oushak Distressed Area Rug

Size: 13'9'' X 20'7''

Age: Aprox 25 Years Old

Material: 100% Wool and Cotton

Design: Traditional Floral Designs

Color: Blue and Ivory

Origin: Uşak

Oushak Rugs

Oushak, or Ushak, Uşak rugs are the most popular Turkish area rugs design. Oushak rugs
are named after the city where they are initially made.
Durable, beautiful, elegant; the queen of the rug universe, antique Oushaks are made with
love to spread grace in today’s world.

The Patterns

Made by the villagers of the Uşak city, Turkey, Oushak rugs, among all, manifest themselves
with the delicacy of their fine floral designs, which surprisingly goes with both modern and
classic design language. Thus, Oushaks are indeed a part of a “timeless design”. This elegant
floral concept in design is often accompanied by a tentative medallion in the middle. The
scattered, unorderly manner of the patterns around it almost shows its post-modernity, a
monument of modern expression from the past.

The Use of Color

As being exceptionally unique and attractive in terms of design, Oushaks could be found in
different palettes than classic ivory and saffron like blues, pastel tones, apricot, and even
green. As they are manufactured in western Turkey, stating that the color palette of Oushaks
is Mediterranean influenced would not be wrong at all. Especially in the last decades, the
more the lighter colors increased in design, the more Oushaks have been chosen by the
interior designers in Europe and USA, rather than bold and dark Persian antique palette.

Matched Interior Design Trends

The decorative ideas for Oushak rugs are pretty easy, as they are already, so to speak, would
change all look in your room, taking all the burden from other details. Yet they are still
compatible with many popular trends from Traditional look to Contemporary.

This unique design of Oushak rugs merged with the one-of-a-kind nature of handmade rugs
has made them irreplaceable for the famous Ottoman mosques and the most important palaces
during the Ottoman dynasty. Today, the oversize Oushaks used in Ottoman palaces are still
exhibited in a museum in Istanbul.


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