It is commonly wondered by many if rugs can ruin harwood floors. The two primary reasons why some area rugs damage hardwood floors are 1, the area rugs are produced of cheap synthetic materials that tear off the finish on the wood, and 2, there are either no rug pads or an unfitting rug pad being used. Cheap area rugs may scrape and mar the shine of your floors.

Also, most individuals make the mistake of not getting a rug pad and end up ruining their flooring. If the rug is weighty enough or supported by furniture, it may appear that a pad is superfluous; nonetheless, all the sliding and gliding around the carpet can damage the hardwood floors. So you can do two main things to protect your hardwood floors.

Invest in a high-quality rug

Area rugs can damage hardwood floors. This might be due to inexpensive materials, a sticky glue on the bottom, or other circumstances. Poor carpets are frequently coated with chemicals to help them adhere to the surface, and the cheap glue might create discoloration or fully cling to the surface. Those chemicals in the area rug also might damage the polish of the hardwood flooring. They may cause discoloration, scratching, and stickiness on hardwood floors, among other things. Purchasing a high-quality rug will shield your flooring from harm.

Get a high-quality rug pad that is the right fit

The rug pad, not the rug, can sometimes cause floor damage. Rug pads are intended to protect area rugs from slipping around, yet the sticky material can damage the flooring. Scratches, stains from fabric dyes, and stickiness are all unintended consequences of not using the proper rug pad for your area rug. Invest in high-quality rug pads to preserve your hardwood floors. There are rug pads explicitly made for use on hardwood floors. These specialty rug pads are created of a material combination that is suitable for use on hardwood floors. Felt and natural rubber are the finest materials for a pad for hardwood floors since they are non-corrosive and create enough tension to hold the rug in place without needing sticky chemicals.

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