Artisans put their heart and soul into making handmade rugs, which is represented in the price. A handmade rug is more than just a piece of material. It's an artistic creation demonstrating the time and effort spent making it. Rug weavers spend years learning their craft from master rug makers before they are allowed to make rugs on their own; this means each artisan has spent dozens of hours perfecting their skills.

Also, the materials used in making rugs—wool, silk, cotton—are expensive because they come from animals raised on farms or farmed in other countries. These materials are also often dyed multiple times with specific dyes made by hand following traditional methods passed down through generations so they'll have precisely the right hue needed for your particular design; this adds even more time to the manufacturing process!

In addition, rugs are one of those things that get better with age, unlike most other things. So the older the rug, the rarer it becomes, and its value will be higher. 

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