It can be pretty hard to decide what kind of rug you should buy for your home. It depends on your style, what type of room you will have the rug, and even the weather affects your choice of rug.

For those who could not decide on a rug, we have a little test to guide you! Note your answers to see which rug would fit you in the end!

1- Do you have little kids in your house?

A- 2 or more

B- 1

C- None

2- How much foot traffic would your rug get?

A- A lot (living room, hallway)

B- Fair amount (dining room)

C- Little to none (under furniture)

3- What kind of furniture do you have?

A- Wooden

B- Vintage/ Authentic

C- Contemporary

4- Choose a decor for the room you will have the rug in!

A- Painting

B- Throw Blanket 

C- Flowers

5- How is the weather year around where you live?

A- Cold

B- Warm

C- Hot

6- How quiet do you need your room to be?

A- Tranquil (study, bedroom)

B- No need to be quiet (kitchen, bathroom)

C- Fairly quiet (living room)

7- How humid would it get in the room?

A- Very humid (bathroom)

B- Fairly humid (kitchen, bedroom)

C- Not humid at all (living room)

8- How are the chances of any accidents such as spills happening?

A- Very likely (kitchen, dining room)

B- Likely

C- Not likely

9- Choose a color palette for your space!

A- Neutrals

B- B&W

C- Earthy&Golden

10- Do you have any pets?

A- Dogs 

B- Cats

C- None


If you got mostly As, then you should get a contemporary rug! 

If you got mostly Bs, then getting an Oushak rug would be the best for you!

If you got mostly Cs, a Persian rug is your best fit! 

Here are our suggestions for you! You can check more out on our website!

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