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Every year, the Pantone Color Institute announces a color for “The Color of The Year,” also known as the COTY. The color announced generally dominates the design and fashion World for the year. This year, the COTY is…*drum rolls*… Very Peri! Veri Peri is mainly a vibrant blue shade with violet and red undertones.

The color is named after the Periwinkle, a violet-blue flower. It is believed that the Periwinkle symbolizes new, exciting beginnings. So it seems that Very Peri will be a symbol of a fresh start after 2 years of lockdowns.

Pantone describes this shade as “a spritely, joyous attitude and dynamic presence that encourages courageous creativity and imaginative expressions.” With a color this pretty and full of life, we are sure we are not the only ones excited to decorate with it!

We gathered some ideas on how you can decorate with purple and what other colors you can support your decoration with.


There is no doubt that green and purple go very nicely together. They form a wonderful, vibrant, but also a calm environment. To have a bold place that is easier on the eye, we suggest having furniture in neutral colors, adding a hint of purple with ornamental elements such as rugs, pillows, and sculptures, and making a statement with green walls. Always remember to support your rug with other decorative elements such as bedding, cushions, throw blankets, or accessories as they help the colors on your rug pop.


Mustard and purple definitely are best friends. Yet, they can be very intense if overused together. Instead of having more extensive decorative elements in those colors, we suggest keeping it small yet flashy. With mustard-colored pillows, throws, or vases, you can color up your home and use a purple rug as your statement piece. You can go either with neutral colors for furniture or wooden sets to add more character.


Simple yet very elegant, grey is a great background to work for any color, especially purple. You can use grey for furniture to create this backdrop and add more style to it with purple decoration. It is a plus if you add another color to your place, as grey is a welcoming color for experiments. The best complimenting color would be pink, flattering purple when used together. An artwork would shine on dark-colored walls, so if you plan to use grey on your walls, it is a must to have paintings hung.


If you want something that feels cozy, chic, and fun at the same time, beige and purple are your colors. While creating a classic home with beige tones, you can add a hint of shimmer with bright purple decoration. Pillows, rugs, lanterns, dining chairs… you have endless options with this color without the fear of overdoing it.

Very peri is a stunning color that provides endless fun decoration ideas, and when it is used right, your house will turn into an inspiration for anyone. The key is experimenting with suitable colors and decorations to find the right fit for your home.

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