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Tribal rugs have been around for decades, having originated in Iran, Morocco, and other similar civilizations before making their way to the west in the 1900s. Tribal designs have not only been featured in apparel and art, but they've also made their way into our homes! These high-quality items are woven with wool and plant-based dyes and showcase a variety of motifs that radiate beauty in their purest form. Tribal carpets are rugs made by nomadic tribal weavers. The Turkmen, Kurds, and Qashqai are some of the tribes most commonly linked with rug weaving. Tribal carpets are distinguished by their more intricate patterns, unlike city rugs' curved and flowery themes.

The appeal of tribal rug types has survived the test of time. We believe tribal carpets are the most adaptable, making them a perfect choice for both traditional and contemporary settings.

Fashion-conscious individuals can integrate tribal themes into their homes in a more subtle manner, allowing a tribal rug to flow effortlessly into the modern house. Many trendy and elegant tribal carpets use muted, stylish, and incredibly variable color palettes. Greys and pastels are very trendy since they may add just the adequate touch of pattern and color without being too overwhelming. Getting a tribal rug may elevate a space, warming it up while also spicing it up!

In general, geometric patterns are highly popular in modern, fashionable environments. Kilims, one of the most famous types of tribal carpets, are well-known for their brilliant color, geometric patterns, and texture. Such designs are timeless and stylish, and we don't see them going out of style anytime soon. Throwing a kilim rug is the easiest way to add movement to your contemporary space.

Tribal rugs are also used by artists and designers to generate contrast in their modest, formal living environments. They're the ideal method to bring some contrast to a room that's been overtaken by minimalism. If you are more of a minimalistic person looking for a statement piece for your space, tribal rugs are the way to go. If you want to invest in a rug that will be timeless and fashionable for a long time, tribal rugs are a reliable and elegant solution.

Rustic design is mostly based on neutral colors, earthy furniture and handmade pieces. So, tribal rugs are the most attractive pieces of rustic design. Whether it be with their lively earthy colors, or their geometric design that creates a contrast with the classic rustic design as a statement, tribal rugs are the perfect pieces for your home if you are looking to create a rustic space.

Tribal rugs come in many styles and sizes. Check out these beauties for more inspiration!

4x8 runners

6x10 rugs

7x12 rugs

2x3 kilims


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