Top of the Morning to You: Incorporating Green Interior Design for St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day! As we celebrate this holiday, it's hard not to think of the color green. From the rolling hills of the Emerald Isle to the iconic shamrock, green is an important part of Irish culture and heritage. Why not bring a bit of the Irish spirit into your home this St. Patrick's Day with some green interior design?

Here are some tips and ideas for incorporating green into your interior design scheme:

Paint a Feature Wall

Painting a feature wall in a bold shade of green is a great way to add drama and depth to a room. Whether you choose a dark, forest green or a bright, lime green, a green feature wall will instantly transform your space and create a focal point. For a sophisticated look, pair it with neutral furnishings and accessories. If you want a more eclectic vibe, add complementary pops of color like gold, orange or red.

Bring in Some Plants

Green plants are an excellent way to add a touch of nature to your home and improve indoor air quality. Incorporating greenery into your space is a great way to make it feel fresh and alive. You can choose small, potted succulents or large, leafy plants, or even create a living wall or vertical garden for a truly unique and eye-catching design feature.

Go Bold with a Green Area Rug

If you want to make a big statement with green in your home, a green area rug is a great way to do it. A bright, bold shade of green can add energy and vibrancy to your space, while a more subdued, natural green can create a calming and serene effect. A green rug can be the focal point of your room, adding color and texture to your floors while complementing your existing décor.

Consider Different Textures

Green can take on many different textures, from smooth and shiny to rough and rustic. Incorporating different textures like velvet, leather or jute can add depth and interest to your space. A plush green rug is also an excellent way to add texture and warmth to a room.

Add Green Accessories

If you're not ready to commit to a green feature wall or plants, adding green accessories is a great way to incorporate the color into your space. Think green throw pillows, curtains or artwork. You can even mix and match different shades of green for a playful, layered look.

Create a Monochromatic Look

Using green rugs in varying shades of green can create a sophisticated monochromatic look that is both visually interesting and calming. Layer different green rugs on top of each other for added depth and texture, or choose rugs with different patterns and textures to create a dynamic design. This approach works well in bedrooms, living rooms, and other spaces where you want to create a relaxing, cohesive atmosphere.

Use Green Runners in Hallways

Green runners can add color and texture to your hallways while also protecting your floors from wear and tear. Choose a green runner that complements your existing décor and adds a pop of color to your space. Consider adding a matching green rug in your entryway to create a cohesive look throughout your home.

Remember, St. Patrick's Day is all about having fun and celebrating. So don't be afraid to experiment with different shades of green and mix and match different design elements. Have a great St. Patrick's Day and enjoy your green-themed interior design!

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