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Red is the most common color for vintage rugs, so you will likely come across many red vintage rugs when searching for a new rug. Whether it be crimson, maroon, scarlet, rust, wine, or burgundy, red is the most classic yet bold color to add to your decor.

Here are some tips to decorate with red vintage rugs:

-Look for the secondary colors in your rug. Other most common colors in red vintage rugs are cream, dark blue, and light blue. Black is also found in many vintage Persian rugs with a red theme. Choose the colors you want to include in your decor, and use your rug as a centerpiece to incorporate them.

-Choose a wall paint that complements your vintage rug's cream or white pattern. Doing so results in a plain background. If you want to emphasize a wall, select one of the rug's bright colors and use shiny paint to paint one of the walls that color. Avoid mimicking the rug's red since it will attract your focus away from the carpet. Instead, frame the rug with minimalistic furniture and add red-themed throw cushions as accents. Wall art can be framed in grey, pewter, silver, or black, and the images should complement the rug's hues.

-A crimson Persian carpet looks excellent against charcoal gray walls. Unfortunately, patterned furniture fabric diverts attention from the rug; instead, try color-on-color in wheat, white, beige, or gray, and add soft cushioning and puffed armchairs to add warmth to the space. Oversized cushions in red and black add a bold touch, while gray stripes calm the space. Hang golden frame artwork for contrast, and add a vase of roses to your bar table.

-Go big on red! If you feel bold and your space is available for it (we do not recommend doing this in your living room or bedroom, haha), go for an all-red, monochrome look. Especially kitchens with bold colors are proof of taste and a fun style. Any furniture could be in shades of red; make sure your walls, one piece of furniture in the kitchen, and countertops are in another color, preferably matching a secondary neutral color in your vintage rug. You can either have a contemporary red rug or a Persian rug, primarily red.

-Boho! The Boho style adores natural textures as well as burned hues such as burnt oranges and reds. If you want a bohemian look in your master bedroom, use darker tones of red and mix them all to achieve an eclectic atmosphere. Complement the look with wooden pieces of furniture and neutral-shaded blankets. A red tribal rug or a Persian carpet with burnt orange as the primary color would fit your Boho room the best.

-Blue is your best friend. Red and blue both are main colors that complement one another effectively. Blues & reds are frequently more fun and energetic when designing a kid's bedroom. Find colors with a darker tone if you want a more sophisticated bedroom. With its color and design, a vintage red carpet that combines deep blues and teal gives both vibrancy and refinement. If you like, you may take only the red tones for your decorations, but a clever approach to tie the rug to the rest of the space is to combine all of its colors in some manner, even if it's modest, like a little blue ornament on the nightstand.

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