Qashqai Rugs

The Qashqai Confederacy is a nomadic tribe comprised of various tribal groups who have been united in Iran since the 1500s. They live in the Fars Province of southwest Iran, communicating in a Turkic language and descended from Turkmens.

Rugs have a significant impact on their nomadic culture. They were initially crafted for use in tents or as wall hangings. The carpet was a transportable item that made the floor easier to walk on because they moved frequently and stayed in tents.

Reds, blues, navy, and in tiny amounts of color, ivory, occasionally yellow, and light green are the most frequently used colors. They are woven on a wool base with one to two lines of wefts using the Persian knot.

The diamond medallion is one of the most significant motifs in the Qashqai weavers' oeuvre. This is frequently seen in the field of the rug, with alternately positioned figures representing the people, flowers, and animals. The Qashqai women learn to weave at an early age, and these rugs are woven from remembrance.

We gathered some of our favorite Qashqai rugs for you and shed some light on their details.

  • As usual, reds and blues are heavily used in this rug. Motifs are geometrical, and they are inspired by nature. Some cocks, birds, horses, ducks, deer, chickens, and goats are present, along with evil eyes, running water, and some other patterns. 

  • The motifs for this rug are mostly floral. Several different flowers are present in various colors, and the tree of life is used several times upside down. In contrast to the traditional color palette, earthy tones and a brilliant burnt orange are used. In addition, the famous diamond medallion is once again used.

  • The perfect example of geometric and floral patterns being used together is present on the surface of this one. The traditional color palette is used, and the motifs are mostly different types of flowers. The diamond medallion is used, and along with it, the classical scorpion and hairband motifs are also used.

This one is a little far from the traditional Qashqai rugs in many ways. The colors are the ones that are rarely used, and the motifs are the classical Turkish rug motifs such as the star, the scorpion, and the chest. It has the effects of the classical Turkish weaving techniques more than Qashqai ones. Yet, the diamond medallion is there to prove to us the Qashqai roots of the rug.

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