The cold, rainy days are over! So it is time to clean your porch, get those leaves and dusty branches out and maybe fix some railings. But what should you do after your porch glows like it is brand new? We gathered some ideas for your porch that you can choose according to your style!
     Although the word “biophilic” may sound unfamiliar, it is actually a typical design style, especially in outdoor areas. It is based on plants for decoration, and the other decorative elements get together around that draft.
There are many ways to fill your porch with beautiful plants and catch a stylish way to decorate the rest in harmony. You can use hanging bucket planters or plant shelves along with tall plants to surround yourself with green in a more fun way than usual. It would be a plus if you had different types of plants to revigorate your porch.
     To complement the delicate natural vibe plants create, a rattan chair or a sofa would work wonders according to how big of a space you have. A coffee table would come in handy for your peaceful times on the porch, but you should be careful not to overfill your room if it is not big enough.
For other decorative elements such as rugs, cushions, and throw blankets, these are the chance to add color to your space. For a rug, you can either go with something that has more earthy-looking colors



or with something that has more of blue and yellow tones.



     Blue and yellow also compliment green, bringing nature right into your house as the color of the sunshine and the ocean. For cushions and throw blankets, you can use a neutral tone or pull out the stains from your rug to create harmony and movement.
     To make a statement, you could go with industrial pendant lights to mix and match with styles while embracing nature.
     Contemporary designs for porches provide a spacious place. It is chic and modern, yet it is also a great backdrop to work on when a style change is needed.
     To create a fashionable look for your porch: accent chairs, a sofa, if you have space, an end table, and an ottoman would be the perfect furniture. Although lighter colors are commonly used in contemporary designs, it is wiser to choose darker shades for outdoor spaces. A large rug with fewer patterns would work great for a flattering look as it makes your porch appear bigger.


     To enliven your porch, you can choose modern wall sconce lanterns for lighting and patterned pillows on your chairs and sofa for decoration. Framed prints and paintings on the walls add character and style to your entryway.

     Who did not love the feeling they would get when “camping” on their gransparents’ porch as little kids? With covers ranging from railings and all the cushions around to form a “Wall,” who would have known that it could make a great porch design in the future?
All you need for the most comfortable, nostalgic look is a floor mattress, lots of colored pillows, knit blankets, and a big rug to cover the floor. To add texture, you should choose different materials for blankets and cushions, like sweater blankets and tatami cushions. You can prefer plush patchwork rugs to make it a more colorful place and experiment with textures. Or to keep the coziness and warmth, your choice can be more neutral colors.
To make it feel cozier, twinkle lights or smaller floor lamps. It will create a natural night that is not too hard on the eyes but enough to let you read your book curled up on your floor mattress.
As nostalgic as it is, the hideaway porch could be so much fun for your kids in the summer. It can create a place shady enough to play, comfortable for resting, and pleasing to have family time together.
     The classic blue ceiling southern porches are always the gathering spot for families. Boho is the way to turn your porch into a fun, colorful space like those. You can mix colors and textures to create a fun look for your summer nights at home.
     A swing chair hammock or a swing bed are always a must for these types of patios. Having colorful cushions with different patterns is essential to add texture. A chunky knit blanket would help you with it too. Ottomans are a great way to spice up the decor and add more surfaces as much as the grand coffee tables are. Mixing and matching colors, patterns, and textures is the golden rule of boho, so do not hesitate to try new things.
     For your rug, you can go all out with vibrant colors. Remember to match some colors from your rug to other decorative elements, and you have lots of options you can choose from. Tribal rugs shine with boho designs with all the colors and motifs they have.


Some wall decoration, like a large dream catcher with charms, bamboo, or rattan pendant lights, would embellish the atmosphere, and with some plants, your chic southern porch should be a masterpiece.
Porches come in different sizes and sometimes seem hard to decorate. Yet, any porch can become a Pinterest inspiration picture with the right choices of decorative elements such as rugs, furniture, lighting, and ornaments.

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