Discover a different kind of art. The kind that comes with a retro look and serves a dual purpose. If you are looking for a rug, why not have something trendy that you can use and hang on the wall at the same time?

What do you get if you take a painting by a great artist and turn it into a rug? Most of the time: you get a great rug. We at Home and Rugs are delighted to have the perfect addition to any home: rugs made as paintings to be hung on the wall! We have taken the classic statement piece and turned it into a work of art fit to hang in your room, transforming it into something you will love looking at every day. So give your space the magic of painting rugs hanging on the wall. Find inspiration from some of our favorite designs.

Here are our 6 favorite painting rugs! 

  • The Last Supper Rug

Inspired by one of the most famous paintings, this rug provides a feast for your eyes. The bright color of blue and the neutrals add luxury to the rug; it is one of the most eye-catching decoration pieces you can have on your wall.

  • The Hunt Rug

In traditional Turkish handicrafts, portraying real humans was seen as wrong. Only if those humans were portrayed precisely the same was it acceptable. This technique was called "miniature." With figures so similar yet so different from each other, this rug is perfect for your living room. With colors so bright and lines so soft to sketch something harsh as hunting, the painting rug really displays contrast as the beauty.

  • The Gazelles Rug

Animal motifs were heavily used in traditional Ottoman and Turkish rugs. A gazelle symbolizes the beauty and elegance in Turkish culture; thus, this rug was woven to be the statement piece of the most luxurious living rooms.

  • The Crocodile Rug

The crocodile represents success in Turkish culture. With the motif tree of life, this rug symbolizes lifelong success. Hanging on the wall of your bedroom, it can help you be successful for the rest of your life!

  • Rosa da Viterbo Rug

Piero di Cosimo's painting from the 15th century is reinterpreted in this rug. This painting would look artsy anywhere, yet it only adds to the artistic value when it is a rug. Your space would look out of a movie with furniture coherent with the colors.

  • The Great Migration Rug

Again with the miniature technique, this rug shows the migration of Turks. The oldest Turkish tribes were nomads, so migration is a common topic in traditional Turkish art. As nomads, they were foragers, also known as hunter-gatherers. The animals are portrayed as mythological creatures from Turkish mythology as well. Those characteristics of Turkish traditions are shown beautifully in this rug as a painting and also as it is a Hereke rug, the most famous Turkish rug.

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