So you walk into your newly designed apartment. Everything is as you wished: modern, simple, and chic. It feels great sitting on the big white sofa you finally got after searching for the right one for weeks. Then you look around and realize: your home feels more like a hotel room; it needs more of your touch and personal style show! 

If this is your case, we got you covered up! Here are some tips for coloring up your home with your style and making it a unique home for yourself!


Living Room

The living room is where your lifestyle shows up the most! You spend most of the day there, host gatherings, and have movie nights; it displays your style to the outer world.


Initially, you can start with choosing the right size rug for your living room. To make your living room appear more extensive, you can choose large size rugs. Layering smaller rugs with a larger rug is also an option for a contemporary design approach. Choosing tribal rugs with vibrant colors that contrast with black and white such as orange, yellow, and pale red, would help you bring warmth to and enliven your house while catching the latest trends.

You can place colorful throw blankets and pillows on your sofa and paintings on the walls. The key here is to pull out the colors from your rug, especially the colors that appear the least on it. This way, you can enhance those colors while not drowning your living room in one predominant color.

Also, one of the latest trends is natural lighting. It is widely used in the latest products. So what ornamental element could highlight the vivacious colors better than a floor lamp? It is full of character, and sufficiently, it can be repositioned for your taste. You can support this piece with a small string of golden twinkle lights.



Nothing feels better than getting into your bedroom after a long, tiring day. The bedroom is the most private part of your home; it is your safe space. Therefore, it is essential to design your bedroom fully according to your style and convenience. Having black&white is a great backdrop to work on: add colors and textures. 

Making a statement with vibrant colors can easily add color, style, and definition to your bedroom. Choose a colorful vintage rug to elaborate your bedroom while preserving the chicness of black&white. You can choose an oversize rug to make your bedroom feel cozier and to keep it warm. 

Having a big mirror in your bedroom is helpful in getting ready for sure, but it could also help bounce the lights around to make your bedroom appear much bigger than it is and lighten it up if you do not have a lot of windows. 

 To create more of a rustic-boho feel, decorate your walls with colorful graphic art. Leather pieces and plush textured beddings also shine in black&white and add more visual texture along with character.

Dining Room

The dining room is the heart of the house. Surrounded by our loved ones, we share great memories in dining rooms. From having the best meals to the most fun birthdays, dining rooms are the rooms we decorate the most for different occasions. It is vital that we have a stylish and unique base to work on. 

It is imperative to choose the right rug size for dining rooms. Your rug should be big enough to not let your dining chairs fall off the edge of your rug when they are slid out. You can choose more of a contemporary designed rug for your dining room as it would create a solid backdrop to work on for different occasions. It is also essential to get a suitable material and color for your dining room rug as accidents tend to happen frequently in the dining room. Wool or cowhide for dining room rugs would be ideal as they are easier to clean than viscose or silk. Darker colored rugs can also help you with accidents happening on the dining table. 



A large mirror, some plants, and family photography would help you create uniqueness and show your style. Do not be afraid to add sculptural pieces for your liking to make a statement. Lighting is another critical element of your dining room. Having a vintage lighting piece could bring a nostalgic note, and having adjustable lighting could help you set the mood for meals. Stick to natural colors to soften up your dining room and bring warmth to your meals.

Having a black&white home could serve you the timeless elegance and a great backdrop to work on; it is up to you to balance the classy appearance with your personal style and comfort.


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