The bedroom is the most personal space in your home! It must define you, relax you, and make you happy the second you enter. Colors play a significant role when it comes to setting a specific mood. For your bedroom, shades of brown would fit great as they bring a stylish, luxurious look and warmth needed to relax. We listed 5 rugs, all in different shades of brown, and created collages with matching decoration ideas to inspire you and enhance your bedroom!


The shade tortilla is one of the best choices for a rug if you are looking for a softer-looking bedroom. Tortilla is a very light shade, so it is safe to say it would make your bedroom look more prominent. 

Tortilla is best used with white walls to bring warmth while not interfering with the heightened perception of your space white walls provide. Other lighter shades of brown could be used as decoration pieces like statues and curtains. It is also safe to add decorative pillows in the color of your choice, as tortilla is a very light shade that allows you to experiment with colors.

For furniture, wooden pieces would create a retro look, and white pieces would create a contemporary bedroom.


Cedar is lighter but also a cooler shade of brown. So if you are not into warm colors, cedar is your color!

Beddings in cooler shades would fit better with cider and bright-colored decoration pieces to have a pop-up look. It would also help to add plants to have more of a retro look, but be careful about the plants you choose as some would cause problems at night as they consume oxygen, causing you to have a low-quality sleep.


Mocha is a timeless classic, one of the most common shades of brown. Unfortunately, it is a little darker, so having a massive mirror in your bedroom is vital for bouncing the light around. 

You can experiment with all shades of brown and throw in a few other colors to lighten up your room as well. Using mostly lighter shades could leave more space for brighter colors. 

A beige-colored couch would complete the look of your rug as the statement piece and save you from having to use brown shades for bedding at all times.


If you have a rug with multiple shades as the primary color and many motifs, it is much better to have simpler decorative elements in your bedroom. Off-white curtains and beddings; beige furniture and some flowers, preferably tulips; and voila! Your rug is the statement piece, and your room is complete.


Wooden furniture, dark brown curtains, and burnt orange bedding! Those decorative elements are vital to complement rugs like this one. To complete the vintage look, add a vintage lampshade, some fall branches, and maybe a twinkle light if you are feeling fancy!

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