When it comes to designing your kid's room, it is hard to find things that will not get out of style in 5 minutes like anything else. So we gathered 9 ideas you can use for your kid's room which they can use through the years.

1- Bins are so helpful in keeping things in order, whether made from fabric or plastic. If you have a younger child, bins could be used to store toys, and you can keep using the same containers even when they are teenagers to store books or personal belongings.

2- Himalayan salt lamps are an excellent option for a night light. They look stylish and have many benefits, such as easing allergies and improving sleep by releasing negative ions. All you need to do is make sure you have a genuine one, and you can have them on all day to refresh the air in your room.

3- A high-quality rug is a must for your kid's room. Although kids rugs with little animals or figures printed on them look adorable, a high-quality rug would be much more durable and would not cause allergies. A low or medium pile rug made from natural materials that are easy to clean would work the best for your kid's room. In addition, it would be a rug your kid can use for a long time without going out of style as little kids rugs would do. 

4- When choosing a bed, a bunk bed with empty space at the bottom could be such a fun and cool idea. Your kid can sleep on the top, and the bottom could be a space where your kid spends time playing and reading, or it could turn into a sleepover bed for when your teen has friends over for the night.

5- A big mirror is a must for any room. Yes, it is essential to have one, so you can check yourself, but it is also vital because mirrors help bounce the natural light around, creating a brighter place. A full-sized mirror would work wonders for anyone of any age.

6- Big cushions on the ground would create a perfect spot to chill, read, play, or even take a quick nap! Besides looking stylish, oversized cushions provide a space where your child can play safely without risk of injury. 

7- Bulletin board is what everybody needs in their room. It can be a space where your kid's artwork is up, where you can put a little schedule to keep things organized, or where your teen has notes up for their school. Whatever you might put up on it, a bulletin board is such a stylish and practical decorative element. It is a plus if you DIY for this one with your kid!

8- Some type of painting, preferably a modern piece of art that looks timeless, would make a great addition to your kid's room. It can last years and still be fashionable.

9- A computer desk set with attached shelves is a must for any kid or teenager. It would help them work, whether it be on a school project or messy fingerpainting.

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