It's officially sweater weather! As the weather gets chillier, it is time to wrap yourself in a blanket and enjoy some coffee with lots and lots of whipped cream and cinnamon on top. 

Similar to anything else, interior design trends change with seasons as well. The fall has its own classic trends, yet we will talk about how you can create the perfect fall living room decoration, which is traditional and also catch the latest fall trends for 2022.

We gathered 10 steps you can follow to have your dream living room fall decoration:

1- Anyone knows the fall colors are brown, orange, yellow, and all the earthy colors. Yet, the latest trend for fall in 2022 is using muted versions of those colors. Muted colors refer to colors that have low saturation. So, any muted color, especially the fall colors we already know, would create the perfect palette for your living room.

2- Pumpkins could never do wrong! They are classic, and they could never go out of style. Along with carving pumpkins with your loved ones this year, you can try to color your pumpkins according to your living room colors. Try and match them with your other decorative elements! Having multiple small pumpkins in your living room would surely give the cutest fall vibe. 

3- After having fresh, colorful flowers for the past few months, it is time for dried flowers and tree branches to shine! Placing those in decorative jars (which could be DIY, too!) on coffee tables and shelves, depending on your living room, would create the most elegant look for fall.

4- Lighting is always the most underrated decorative element. Whether it's shape, dimness, or color, it has the most significant effect on setting the mood. For fall, having natural light instead of bright white light is a better option. Lanterns and candles are the best fit for fall, and you can use twinkle lights to add style to your other decorations.

5- As it gets colder, it is vital to keep your house warm. A medium pile height rug would help with insulation. In addition, brownish-colored rugs would lead your living room to a cozy mood. If willing, you can layer a smaller and more colorful rug over a big beige rug.

6- A chunky knotted blanket is a must for any home! You can go with a bright or neutral-colored one to go with the rest of your living room. It would be excellent for movie nights and would look great *carelessly* thrown on your coach. 

7- Your walls need some new decoration for fall as well! Leaf wreaths and leaf printings you can DIY with your child would bring warmth and joy to your living room and help you create memories. 

8- It ALWAYS makes people want to get cozy and read a book with a coffee on hand when it rains in fall. A Papasan chair or many cushions would make a great reading nook in your living room. Make sure to have your rug under you, lots of pillows, and a blanket around for extra coziness, and your Pinterest-worthy reading nook is ready!

9- Smaller decorative pieces like sculptures and statues, picture frames, decorative jars, and letter decorations on your shelves or coffee tables would give you a chance to add color to your living room or enhance the colors you pull from your rug and your furniture.

10- Lastly, get in your comfy clothes, warm up some cinnamon rolls, make some coffee with extra whipped cream and get cozy in your reading nook! Enjoy your living room perfectly decorated with the latest fall trends of 2022!

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