9x12 Vintage Anatolian Distressed Tribal Kayseri Rug

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Name: Vintage Anatolian Tribal Kayseri Rug

Size: 8′10″ x 12'0″

Design: Tribal, Geometric

Color: Peach and Green

Age: Aprox 45 Years Old

Material: 100% Wool


Anatolian rugs are hand knotted in the Central Anatolia or Asia Minor region of Turkey. The patterns are from Ottoman era as well as modern Turkey. The central medallion used in this rug symbolizes the central authority of the Ottoman Sultans. The natural dyes used in this rug are obtained from vegetables such as red onion skins and eggplant peel, etc. The soft wool is obtained from the chest of a lamb where it's softer because of the minimal sun exposure.

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