5x7 Caucasian Vintage Anatolian Handmade Tribal Kazak Rug

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Name: Caucasian Hand Knotted Tribal Kazak Rug

Size: 5′5″ x 6′9″

Design: Tribal, Geometric

Color: Red and Beige

Age: New

Material: 100% Wool


Caucasian rugs are hand knotted in the Tribal regions of Central Asia. Most of the patterns are geometric with central medallions or all over patterns. These rugs are light weight in order to match the lifestyles of nomadic people. Most common colors used are red, blue, green and ivory. Sharp geometric patterns are characteristics of rugs produced in the Caucasus region of Eastern Turkey and Southern Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia. Afghan refugees who fled the Taliban regime in the 90’s settled in Pakistan to produce these rugs as well.

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